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Weaving & Textiles how to mega pack. 

This massive collection contains 108 how-to books

& 3 loom building plans

Learn all about Patterns, equipment, rugs, clothes, cotton, silks and so much more! 

The skill of weaving and textiles is still in use today. This pack contains books, how to's, patterns, equipment use and repair, understanding weaving principles and design and much more, all related to textiles and weaving.  Master this craft for both business and home craft use

Then with the advent of modern machines, the skill has almost disappeared.  However, this lost skill is still in regard and actually making a comeback.  This is a useful how-to book written in the 1800s with plenty of illustrations and excellent advice on how to go about this artisan trade

here is the collection index: (download size 1.5 GB)

3 loom making design plans
A Collection of distinctive hand-block printed linens & cretonnes.pdf

Aboriginal American weaving.pdf

Advanced textile design (1913).pdf

An introduction to the study of textile design.pdf

analysis & reproduction of textile fabrics (1894).pdf

Arithmetical calculations for weaving students (1904).pdf

Arrange pattern work (1915).pdf

Art of weaving & Construction of Power-Loom (1887).pdf

Block prints from India for textiles (1924).pdf

Book of instructions the Priscilla weaving art (1915).pdf

Bouquets In Textiles.pdf

Calculations in cotton weaving (1903).pdf

Card loom weaving sampler of twill weaving (1900).pdf

Colour in woven design (1890).pdf

Contrasts (1918).pdf

Cotton cloth designing (1896).pdf

Cotton loom fixing (1924).pdf

cotton textile worker's handbook (1920).pdf

cotton weaver's handbook.pdf

Cotton weaving & designing (1909).pdf

Cotton weaving (1895).pdf

Craftsman fabrics and needlework from the Craftsman workshops. (1906).pdf

crompton and knowels loom works (1918).pdf

Cyclopedia of textile work (1907) Volume 1.pdf

Cyclopedia of textile work (1907) Volume 2.pdf

Cyclopedia of textile work (1907) Volume 3.pdf

Cyclopedia of textile work (1907) Volume 4.pdf

Cyclopedia of textile work (1907) Volume 5.pdf

Cyclopedia of textile work (1907) Volume 6.pdf

Cyclopedia of textile work (1907) Volume 7.pdf

Decorative and fancy textile fabrics  with designs and illustrations.pdf

Decorative textiles (1918).pdf

Design book (1912) Volume 1.pdf

Design book (1912) Volume 2.pdf

Design in textile fabrics (1888).pdf

Design texts (1910) a treatise on textiles.pdf

Designing Textile Fabrics & Weaving (1879).pdf

Dictionary of weaves Lexicon der Gewebemuster  Manuel des dessins du tissage (1914).pdf

Dress, blouse, and costume cloths, design and fabric manufacture (1921).pdf

Embroidery & tapestry weaving (1912).pdf

First year weaving (1890).pdf

Foot-power loom weaving (1918).pdf

hand book of weaves.pdf

Hand-loom weaving - plain & ornamental (1920).pdf

Hand-loom weaving a manual for school and home.pdf

Hooper colonial loom (1903).pdf

How to make rugs (1902.pdf

Jacquard machine_ analyzed & explained the preparation (1887).pdf

Jacquard machines_ instruction paper (1909).pdf

Jacquard weaving and designing (1895).pdf

Jute and linen weaving (1914).pdf

Kinks for boss weavers, from the questions and answers (1910).pdf

Labor-saving looms (1905).pdf

Loom-fixing and weaving (1896).pdf

manual of weave construction.pdf

Manufacture of narrow woven fabrics, ribbons, trimmings, edgings (1917).pdf

Manuscript notes on weaving (1900) Volume 1.pdf

Manuscript notes on weaving (1900) Volume 2.pdf

Manuscript notes on weaving (1900) Volume 3.pdf

Monograph on the carpet weaving industry of Southern India (1908).pdf

Morris chintzes, silks, tapestries.pdf

Ontario handwoven textiles (1956).pdf

Oriental Rug Weaving (1901).pdf

Ornamental design for woven fabrics (1897).pdf

Paisley Shawl.pdf

Philippine mats (1913).pdf

Power-loom weaving and yarn numbering (1900).pdf

Practical & descriptive essays on the art of weaving (1808).pdf

Practical loom fixing (1917).pdf

Practice in weaving and loom-fixing (1887).pdf

Printed textiles 1760-1860 in the collection of the Cooper-Hewitt Museum (1987).pdf

Recent improvements in textile machinery volume 1.pdf

Recent improvements in textile machinery volume 2.pdf

Revised edition of Textile design book. A practical composition (1898).pdf

Shuttle-craft courses in weaving (1922).pdf

Silk and wool tapestries, brocades.pdf

Studies in primitive looms (1918).pdf

Technology of textile design - being a practical treatise on the construction (1888).pdf

Textie designers' pocket manual (1912).pdf

Textile design & colour_ elementary weaves and figured fabrics (1921).pdf

Textile design pure and applied (1912).pdf

Textile machinery with special reference to pickers (1919).pdf

Textiles and costume design (1917).pdf

Textrinum antiquorum (1843).pdf

The art of weaving, by hand & by power (1844).pdf

The chemical aspects of silk manufacture (1910).pdf

The history & principles of weaving by hand and by power (1878).pdf

The mechanism of weaving (1894).pdf

The Navajo &  his blanket (1903).pdf

The self-instructor in textile designing (1890).pdf

The theory & practice of the art of weaving by hand and power (1869).pdf

Theory & practice of damask weaving (1903).pdf

Theory of silk weaving (1896).pdf

Threads from the oriental loom (1913).pdf

Treatise on the designing and construction of woven fabrics (1906).pdf

Varied occupations in weaving (1901).pdf

Weave room calculations (1920).pdf

Weave room management (1910).pdf

Weaving  instruction paper volume 1.pdf

Weaving  instruction paper volume 2.pdf

Weaving  instruction paper volume 3.pdf

Weaving - plain & fancy (1907).pdf

Weaving calculations (1893).pdf

Weaving pattern book (1819).pdf

Weaving questions for class and home work (1912).pdf

Woolen & worsted loom fixing (1900).pdf

working manual of Textile design (1909).pdf

Yarn & cloth making - college course text study(1918).pdf



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