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Ports of call - travel documentary and educational old time radio show collection
Ports of call - travel documentary and educational radio show on disc
Ports of call | Old time radio shows | travel and adventure programs

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Ports of call - travel documentary and educational radio show.

Explore the world as it was in the 1930s

Ports of call was a lost mainly unknown series from 1935 or 1936 in which each episode involves you listening along with a voyage to a different country in each episode. This was an obscure show that had a very loyal fan base and excellent production quality!

This set is approximately 18 hours worth of listening time!

The facts summarizing the country are told in a pleasant tour guide sort of way as it describes the landscape. The events of that country's history are also dramatized to help you learn about its past. Each episode begins with the bellow a tramp steamer's whistle and the announcement of the series title, followed by a short 1 min musical interlude, then the show which typically runs around 25 minutes.

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Janice Darham - all time travel favorite, I listen each day to work! - 
Subject: Wonderful Adventures -Wonderful travel stories and history of various Countries. Give this one a listen because i think you'll like the stories and production values

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