Old Cap Collier | Dime Detective stories | - 26 Crime adventures

Old Cap Collier - classic dime detective mystery stories 26 tales
Old Cap Collier - classic dime detective mystery stories issue 379
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Old Cap Collier | Dime Detective stories | - 26 Crime adventures

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Old Cap Collier - crime detective stories 

Old Cap Collier was a crime detective mystery magazine.

It was published in 1883-1889.  This crime "Novel" magazine had a rotating cast of lead characters, not just Cap Collier. Though he was in 34 of the issues written. These detective stories were sold for a nickel and guaranteed to give you thrills and mystery. There were hundreds of these issues published but only a rare few remain.

Sit back and enjoy good old fashion "Dime Novel Detective work" as the mysteries and murders unfold!

*These are decent scans from the originals - there are just a few minor rips and tears that interfere with some words only in a couple of issues...but don't worry it's minor and certainly does not interfere with the ability to enjoy!  These are excellent finds for magazines over 125 years old!

 This collection contains 26 pdf scanned issues. Enjoy! 


Read or Download Old Cap Collier issue 627 (the Murder in the Dressing Room) FREE  - HERE!

old cap collier detective story magazine issue number 627 read or download

issue #627


Read or Download Old Cap Collier issue 751 (Saving an Unjustly Convict Man) FREE  - HERE!

Old Cap Collier issue 751 - free dime detective story

issue #751

This digital download set for sale includes the following issues

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