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105 Classic Model ship Designs- Plans - Vintage builds - Plans - Vintage builds - blueprints model making.

This collection contains 105 classic Model ship articles blue prints / plans - plus 2 bonus how to books -in PDF and jpeg - Tiff image format
Discover famous ships of the past and artfully craft a model of them

This set is a digital download of all 105 ships

download file size is 590 MB 

This awesome model ship plan reference collection contains 105 builds put into easy to navigate folders. They contain plans - blue prints plus reference photos of the ships. These are vintage old plans from the days when model ship building was deemed a art for the sophisticated. Most of these plans are in English with some in German and French., But don't be alarmed anyone can follow along with a basic understanding of model ship building regardless of the language because plans are more blue prints on a build rather than in depth worded discussions.

*Some old plans do not always state scale and may require you to determine - establish or convert scale for yourself. That being stated many of the plans have scale and customers have successfully used the outlines in the collection to create stunning pieces of art. 

soviet ship model boat plans classic pulp

This collection is for anyone wanting to build a models of old war ships, yachts, tug boats, cruisers, passenger ships, famous exploration vessels, fishing boats, steam boats and more! This model ship pack would be an excellent addition to any model builders library.

Bonus two classic ship model building books are included.

All files are in PDF or page by page jpeg - Tiff images of plans.


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All books and magazines are in PDF format unless stated otherwise in the title. Some are remastered into a modern presented ebook and some are pdf scans of the originals due to old type font not being recognizable by conversion software to provide an upgrade (unless the whole book is retyped manually...and we don't have enough time in our lives on this planet for that!)You are responsible to determine if the file format is compatible with your device/player.  Consult your devices owners manual if you are not sure.  We take pride in bringing quality old entertainment to our viewers.  


 About our site content:

Classic Pulp provides top quality digital copies and of obscure and abandoned out of print classic stories in pdf E-BOOKS comics, movies, tv shows, magazines, art and more. HUNDREDS OF HOURS went into compiling these hard to find listings. They were scanned and resourced from the best quality sources available both individually and by collections from sources across the world. We will continue to add to it as more are found. Find them here for your enjoyment.

We make it easy to collect and enjoy these rare gems. If for any reason you feel the available content should not be public please contact us at the Contact us / DMCA page for resolution.  ENJOY AND THANK YOU!


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