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Golden age Comic Books downloads Legends volume 2 - Dynamite Thor and Birdman
Bird Man 1940 superhero
Dynamite Thor 1940 Golden age superhero

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Golden age comic legends collection - Volume #2

Featuring Superhero's - Bird Man & Dynamite Thor

contains 9 adventures  (74 pages) PDF comic Book

Featuring :

Bird Man ( 1940) 4 stories 

Bird Manis the crime fighting Demi God appeared in 4 comics.  This Superhero with Native American heritage possessed superhuman eyesight and bow shooting abilities. Later in the 4th comic he appears in more modern times fighting European dictators.  But as the name gives away he has the ability of flight like a bird.

Dynamite Thor ( 1940)5 stories

This unusual superhero had the resistance to explosion and flame.  So he used this ability to his advantage and was capable of launching him self through the air with dynamite attached to his belt. Un orthodox... Maybe but it didn't stop him from blowing away the bad guys!

Many Golden age comic book heroes often had six to seven-page adventures in a particular comic book. This was a common practice in the earlier years of comics, versus the modern approach of a character having the whole book titled after them. This is a compilations of those individual stories assembled for easy enjoyment

PDF comic book

Dynamite Thor -1940 comics - download

Bird Man 1940 Golden age superhero - native American Demi God golden age comic book downloads


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