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The Brihat Jataka was a must to memorize if one was to be considered a scholar in Hindu predictive astrology. Its one of the five principle texts written by Varāhamihira. This is considered  "India's foremost astrological text".

There is probably not one subject which is so ill-
understood, which so many people pretend to know, and on
which so many are prepared to express an opinion, as the
subject of Astrology. The Indian proverb truly says that
there is no man who is not a bit of a physician and an
astrologer; and it is equally true that there is no subject
which is so ill-understood as these two. The fact is that
the broad medical and astrological principles are so many
that everybody of necessity learns a few of these, but
experiences difficulty in mastering all of them.


Topics include:

  • Chapter I : Untitled; begins with a prayer and then proceeds to give an explanation of various technical terms and concepts used in respect of planets and zodiacal signs.
  • Chapter II : Grahayoni Prabheda or Planetary natures; this chapter explains the characteristics, qualities, natures, positions, significance and relations of planets, their aspects, sources of strength, etc.,.
  • Chapter III : Viyoni Janama Adhyaya or Manifold births; deals with births of birds, animals and trees.
  • Chapter IV : Nisheka or Consummation of marriage; deals with conception, sex of child, effect of birth-time, birth of twins, triplets etc.;
  • Chapter V : Janama Kal Lakshana or Peculiarities of Birth; deals with normal and abnormal births, fate of new-borns, deformities etc.;
  • Chapter VI : Balarishta or Planetary combinations indicating early Death; deals with planetary situations indicating early death of new-borns, death of mother or father before birth or soon after birth, time of death, planetary combinations cancelling out early deaths;
  • Chapter VII : Ayurdaya or Determination of Longevity; explains methods to determine span of life of humans and also animals, grant of life-years by various planets, etc.;
  • Chapter VIII : Dasantradasa or Periods and Sub-periods of planets; this chapter details the directional effects of planets;
  • Chapter IX : Ashtaka Varga or Eight-fold inter-relationship of planets and results of their transit in various signs and houses;
  • Chapter X : Karamjeeva or Determination of Profession; deals with planetary situations/combinations indicating various professions, inherited wealth, legacies and other means and sources of earning/wealth;
  • Chapter XI : Raja yoga or Combinations for Royalty; gives combinations for royalty and political power, downfall, servitude, etc.;
  • Chapter XII : Nabhasa Yoga or Special Planetary combinations that have permanent influence and continuous effect on human lives;
  • Chapter XIII : Chandra Yogadhyaya or Results from Lunar positions and conjunctions of the Moon with other planets in different signs;
  • Chapter XIV : Dwigraha Yogadhyaya or Results from conjunction of two planets in different signs and bhava;
  • Chapter XV : Pravrajya Yoga or Sanyasa Yogas indicating Renunciation, results of concentration of many planets in a particular sign or bhava;
  • Chapter XVI : Rikshasiladhyaya or Influence of Constellations (Nakshatras) i.e. results of births in various nakshatras;
  • Chapter XVII : Rasisiladhyaya or Lunar effects i.e. results of the Moon in various signs;
  • Chapter XVIII : Rasisiladhyaya or Results of planets in various signs;
  • Chapter XIX : Drishti Phaladhyaya or Results of Planetary aspects, significance, strength of aspects, afflictions caused, etc.;
  • Chapter XX : Bhavadhyaya or Results of planets in various Bhavas or houses e.g. the Moon in Aries, Mars in Aries and so on;
  • Chapter XXI : Asrya Yogadhyaya or Special planetary combinations, results of planets in own, exaltation or other signs, of aspects on exalted planets, etc.;
  • Chapter XXII : Prakirnadhyaya or Mixed results; this chapter details typical situations and extraordinary combinations of planets, role of planets in different parts of sign, etc.;
  • Chapter XXIII : Anishtadhyaya or Misfortunes; details prosperity or adversity indicated by planetary situations, combinations and transits, fortunate or unfortunate marriage and issues, ill-health, poverty, slavery, etc.;
  • ChapterXXIV : Stree Jatakadhyaya or Female Horoscopy; results of combination of planets applicable to women, nature of woman ascertained via study of trimsamsa, widowhood, etc.;
  • Chapter XXV : Niryanadhyaya or Determination of Death, fatal diseases, unnatural death, fate of body after death, the past and future existence of soul, etc.;
  • Chapter XXVI : Nasta Jataka or Unknown Horoscopes; details method to construct horoscope based on query-time;
  • Chapter XXVII : Drekkanadhyaya or Results of planets in various Decanates;
  • Chapter XXVIII : Upasamharadhyaya or Concluding Chapter.


and so much more!

the photos, instructions and such in the book are compilations of actual "Lost and Now Restored" Books from the past. these are great tools to see old-fashioned practical skills of the past.

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