BELLS OF COCKAIGNE - James Dean- 1953 (HD)- movie & TV Films

BELLS OF COCKAIGNE - James Dean- 1953 (HD)- movie & TV Films

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An episode of "Armstrong Circle Theatre" from 17 November 1953 called "The Bells of Cockaigne", with Gene Lockhart, James Dean and Vaughn Taylor. Light drama, and runs about 90 seconds shorter than most other live-drama shows of the time. Features a stellar performance by James Dean and a shirtless scene that helped catapult him an actor and sex symbol.

Plot: An old warehouse worker longs for a return to his native homeland of Ireland and tries to save up the money to do so. He works with a young man (James Dean) who is nice but a bit of a "hard head" who needs money for a sick child and can't afford it, so he gambles trying to get enough. It's a heartwarming short tale only lasting 23 and a half minutes but an exceptional performance and rare work by Lockhart and James Dean that was unknown to most of the world until being recovered and released.

file size -  711 MB  (HD)

run time - 23:34 Min

Rating - pg

film -  Black and white - tv special - VERY RARE!

Quality of Archive - Good remastered in house with HD size format and enhanced audio

Review: meatloafismydish - 

 I am astounded that this show hasn't been shown more. I had my doubts when I first watched it, as I'm not a big James Dean fan, but WOW what a story! Once you start watching, you begin to wonder, "Is the main character going to help others, or help himself since it's what he's always wanted." 

  • James Dean
  • Gene Lockhart


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