The history and habits of bees | a beginners guide to bee keeping

The history and habits of bees a beginners guide to bee keeping book
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This book is viewed more as an introductory book on beekeeping from a traditional standpoint and not a "commercial how to book".  The author covers an in-depth overview of the life of the bees, there function and behavior as well as educative observational studies.  There is tons of useful information here for someone wanting to learn the art of beekeeping from a traditional less modern approach that focuses on maximum honey output despite the result on colony health.

220 pages - file size 5.5 MB

Just some of the Topics included:

Habits and observation


Introduction to modern beekeeping

the work of the bee

the first principles of beekeeping

The frame hive and its advantage

Methods of honey extraction and harvesting

alternative hive designs

bee community

types of bees

honey bee variety

American bees

Beekeepers responsibilities

types of bees and their roles in a hive

beekeeping history

the bees life stages

Beekeeping hive varieties


bees and flowers

and more!


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