American Empire 1942 Film | Action Western outlaw movie

American Empire movie - film
Der König von Texas, A Muralha de Fogo, My Son Alone film
Far West, Terra di conquista, & Den brinnande dalen western movie
western adventure My son alone, American Empire, far west 1942 film

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After an encounter with an outlaw rustler on their riverboat, Two men team up to buy abandoned farms with wild cattle that multiplied after the civil war on them to sell. While building their "American Empire" they end up encountering hardship, weather, outlaws and themselves in this epic western tale.

Title in other countries - Der König von Texas, A Muralha de Fogo, My Son Alone, Far West, Terra di conquista, & Den brinnande dalen

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run time - 1 hr 21 min

Rating - R

film  - Black and White - English

Quality of archival - good - dubbed from film reel 

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