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We buy pulp collections and comic collections as well as pulp art!

Not sure what you have has value, that is  OK. Just  contact us with pictures and or titles and we can go from there.  Most pulps these days are sold individually, on occasion I find large collections from estate sales and family members.  I offer fair prices and take the hassle and time away from the attempt to reselling and shipping of individual items that you would have to do if you sold collections by yourself.

We purchase items in order to grow our digital collections for the sake of preservation. We have bought many collections and thousands of pulps.  


 We generally pay 35% to 60 % percent of the realistic resell value of the items.

Please however do not be mislead by eBay prices. People put those on there and often they sit for months and years unsold. If they do sell then fees are expensive. 

We purchase lots at a fair price and our buying model breaks down like this!

Sale price - what we think we can get

Minus expenses:

they are - what it cost to advertise and find the right buyer, fees and listings, packing and shipping expenses, and the  original cost of obtaining. typically we make about 25-30% profit.

How to sell your items  shoot us an email at

and if its possible give us

a list of items, 

there condition

group pictures. I will proved my number and they can be texted if email is not convenient. 

We are located on the east coast in the New England states and travel for mass collections is an option.  Thanks again    

Dan @ Classic pulp

A good reference on how we grade pulps can be seen on our grading pulps and comics page

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