Magazine and Comic book Grading | how we determine condition

magazine and comic book grading page - how to

 This section shows how we go about determining the grade of old collector magazines and comics.

Every body has a grading method, the following is written out to show how WE determine grade of old pulp magazine, comic books and books. We believe this is a straight forward and easy to understand guideline on how to determine condition - the "Classic Pulp" method.

Condition - overview, and terms.

  • Excellent - Near mint, may have been read a few times but looks like it came from the book shelf new - highest grade possible
  • High grade.  Excellent color, edges may show some wear, fully intact, great collectors value. Still regarded as high value. Only minimum spine or page damage.   Looks used but well kept.
  • VERY GOOD- Shows some signs of wear. May have minor creases or very slight spine roll but is complete with no missing pieces from covers or spine. Paper no longer white but not dark or brittle. An average copy showing wear, though not yet falling apart. May not be taped.
  • GOOD- Spine may be coming loose top & bottom. Pages more yellow than white. Heavy cover creases. Maybe taped with clear tape.
  • Fair - spine may be loose in parts, yellowed pages, very readable copy, Sows adequate aging but still has collectors value.  Has some tears, rips, chews (possible rodent damage from storage) or water damage ripples.
  • Poor-  Poor shape, missing or heavily damaged pages such as tape, tears, rips, stains, missing pages (more than just back cover) this item is generally low grade but still has some collectors value. Still readable to enjoy.
  • Defective - we do not sell this grade. Its considered little value and unreadable. abbreviations used for damaged copies

Plus sign + - indicates its condition belongs  between the the grade stated and the next grade up


  • *Grading Disclaimer:  We do not claim to be the official source of grading. You are responsible to determine if the value asked is accurate. Please use pictures as reference. Its solely your choice  to purchase the product. We take pride in our products and give the most accurate description we know how. All sales are final!
    • NC- no covers
    • MF- Minor fading
    • NS- no spine
    • NFC- no front cover
    • MT- Minor tears
    • TPS- Taped spine
    • TPM- Minor tape in 1-2 spots
    • WD- Shows some water damage
    • RC - Has some chewed edges..possibly from rodents
    • SD- Spine damage
    • MSD - Minor Spine Damage
    • NBC- no back cover
    • STC- Tears in cover, fragments missing, but less than 1 square inch total
    • LTC- Tears in cover, fragments m

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