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Alchemy | Ancient chemistry | old magic, medicine & Spirituality

Alchemy is an ancient practice shrouded in mystery and secrecy. Is practice has been around for thousands of years. The term tends to cover early chemistry but also areas of "magic" spirituality and medicine as well. 

Alchemy was rooted in a complex spiritual worldview in which everything around us contains a sort of universal spirit, and metals were believed not only to be alive but also to grow inside the Earth. It also studied the elements Alchemy was based on the belief that there are four basic elements in nature: air, fire, water, and earth. and their very nature was reflective of how certain laws of the universe would work or behave. Many famous people were involved in studies in Alchemy including Newton and Davinci to an extent.  It was deemed pseudoscience for many years but lately, in the past 30 years, some realization that the writings once understood have much more validity than given credit for.  

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