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Superman The early years of animation - a game changer for cinema

The Superman animated cartoons from the 1940s would change cartoons and movies forever. Before this point animation was done on a frame by frame basis and often had that choppy feel. Max Fleischer was hired by Paramount to create the first superman cartoons, bringing this then up and coming comic hero to the big screens. Max Fleischer would present superman in this 17 cartoon series in a way animation had not been done before. 

Superman the animation cartoons 1940's - Max Fleischer-Rotoscoping process

Max decided to take a new approach to animation with this series. In doing so he developed film techniques that would eventually influence cinema films like Godzilla and star wars through a Rotoscoping process that allows animation and effects to be put over the film. This new technology allowed for steller combinations of movement as well as superb backgrounds and cinematography not seen in cartoons before.

His new "Rotoscoping" technique would add a way to have a way of creating essentially depth and realism to animation. This created smooth, fluid and beautiful overlays that are still used today. This approach was eventually what led to films like Godzilla and King Kong to have subjects appear in landscapes giving it a realism never seen before.

see how Godzilla is placed in a familiar and well-known landscape in a way that was realistic

Godzilla rotoscoping

Godzilla - 1954

Also noted -These Superman Cartoons were the first to give Superman his flying powers as before he could only leap. This led to Superman and Superheroes, in general, having a new superhuman! power. The power of flight.

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