SUPERMAN AUDIO TALES - A different way to remaster old works

SUPERMAN AUDIO TALES - A different way to remaster old works

We wanted to try something different, The goal of was and always will be to provide obscure old content in a new way. This is done by digitizing and improving old films. We scan lost pulp magazines to make them available for the public, and now its Superman.

How's this Superman audio tale any different? We gathered 9-minute segments that were in rough shape of these old 1940's Superman radio broadcasts. We put them together so they are long in length & a complete story minus all the ads, product pushing & organ music found in the originals.

Don't get me wrong.. an organ isn't the worst instrument, but when I listen to a story I want it to flow. I don't want to hear the blasts of pipes every 30 seconds followed by a cereal or candy ad. Superman the radio show was full of ads. About half of all its length was organ and ads.  So we caffeinated ourselves and edited these shows to just tell the story.  While we were at it we reduced old static and boosted the audio to make for a better listening experience.

These stories originally came in different broadcasts spread over weeks. Now, they are all together & enhanced for modern-day enjoyment. 

We want to provide one free for you to enjoy. So listen To A Mystery for Superman on us. This 1942 show is 52 minutes in length.  We will add more to this collection as time passes.  We also have AL VINCENT'S CORRUPT POLITICAL MACHINE available for sale on the Superman Audio Tale Page.  Thanks again and enjoy it!


run time 52 minutes



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