Something Learned - Catman and Kitten

Something Learned - Catman and Kitten

I archive a lot of cool stuff! and sure I have heard about Catman but didn't really know about the comic series until Friday when I got some into a document for a historical preservation project.  I got to admit I was a bit nervous working with items that sell for over a Thousand dollars apiece.  After all, I did not go to college as a librarian and never was a bibliophile.  After all, I was in the military then worked as a tradesman for years. Now I am scanning items worth a lot and some 150 years old or more.

  Well, enough about my feelings here is Catman from the 1940s.. its cool but it definitely had a WW 2 war feeling to it.  anti-nazis, Italians and Japanese propaganda to it.  Enjoy you all that Freedom.....Thanks to Cat-man and Kitten!




comics catman collection


Cat-man and Kitten  golden age superheros

Cat-man issue comic July 1943 fighting axis forces

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