Optimized Mobile Video Format - Why we archive movies the way we do!

Optimized Mobile Video Format  - Why we archive movies the way we do!
Ever notice that everyone's device is the same?
Yeah neither have we!
mobile optimized video format - classic pulp movies - blog post
Optimized Mobile Video Format - verticle viewing - older style iPhone
 That's were Optimized Mobile Video Format comes in. Every screen is different. 
(you can read a summary here then if you want to understand the in-depth why then read more after this paragraph!)


Our ever-growing film selection comes from a wide variety of sources and time periods. Each source and time period had its own method for producing entertainment and how it was formatted. So we believe the future is in Optimized Mobile Video!  Mobile Optimized Video will allow the videos to play smooth and have embedded responsive coding that allows the movie to adapt to your device's needs. It is designed to fit the many screen sizes seen across various platforms and devices. Its also optimized for file size to enable faster downloading, smaller storage space, better casting to devices and much larger compatibility for today as well as tomorrow's tech. 

Please explain!

Let's say I want to own and watch a classic movie for my collection. I can get it in a fixed ratio say 4:3 or 16:9 or 1:1 or ... but wait ... it is more complex still. Will you watch it on a PC, TV, chrome cast, on an iPad or Android, on a tablet or smartphone? Or maybe you will watch it on a VR headset or in 360 video. So with all these options, we have formatted the video in a range to be best suited for the majority of your viewing needs.

see aspect ratio chart below

aspect ratio chart

File size and Storage Space - MB and GB ..Ohh my! 

We store our movies many places - on your PC, Laptop, Phone, Tablet, and USB drives. In the future most will be stored in the cloud with places like Dropbox or Google Drive. You can retrieve data from a desktop to your mobile device as well.

What this all means is file size is king!  Most people need a smaller file size for storage needs. You can only fit so much on a device and cloud storage costs. So we optimize our movies in the best file size with optimal video quality in a  "totally not crappy to watch ratio" ( I think that was a technical term )

These vintage rare and old videos look great on any Mobile device and yes you can watch them "casted" or uploaded to a tv. They can be burned to DVD as well. On larger screens, the picture is not HD Blue-Ray cinematic but still very pleasant and viewable. If your viewing screen is typically a 32-inch monitor or under then you don't need all the extra file size. This will also be viewable with larger screens up to 55 inches+ but will show some less crisp video than Blue-ray HD. 

If the huge remastered blue ray is your thing awesome! you probably need to not get your films here and look on Amazon or more for a $30.00+ film on Disc. PLUS a lot of old classic films are limited by the original source quality and will have some projector lines, minor audio noise and not as crisp picture resolution anyway. So even if the film is listed in HD, usually it is just set for a larger screen resolution yet still has the same issues mentioned just at a magnified pixel rate

However, if Decent enjoyable rare films, optimized for today's standards and needs at a fair price is your thing then read on my friend!


We do try to remaster or clean up video as much as possible without adding to the movie file size too much to be counterproductive. However as with movies 100 years old or in our case some from the 1890s there is a limit. But you are able to enjoy the quality and historic entertainment that has been seldom seen or digitized in an extremely efficient way. A way that is tailored to your viewing need at whatever time, location or device you choose. 


 American Empire - 1942

 American Empire - 1942 - mobile tablet horizontal view -Optimized Mobile Video Format - screenshot

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