Classic Pulp Blog | about Brave and Bold - Nickel Magazine

Classic Pulp Blog | about Brave and Bold - Nickel Magazine

The streets of New York City were at one time full of magazine sellers. Newsstands were found on most popular intersections and were home to the main form of entertainment of the time.  Among this entertainment was a variety of "Nickel and Dime" Magazines. One of the more popular titles for 8 years was Brave and Bold Weekly!


Brave and Bold #28 - The Jail Break of Shirley

The Jail break of Shirley - Brave and Bold Magazine  Brave and Bold Magazine was published between 1902 & 1910. This magazine focused on the central theme of young adventure spirited men who usually had nothing to their name. These characters would set off and undergo an adventure through the means of exploration or sometimes happenstance. During these actions or mystery adventures often they would discover themselves and also fame and or fortune.  This magazine had national publishing success and was a popular title at newsstands.

After archiving 64 of these magazines (click here to see full collection) its amusing to see the variety of tales in this series. They ranged from exotic mystery and adventures in far of lands to sea adventure tales.  The quality of writing was typical of the time. It usually was a bit more simplistic in approach and often spelled word phonetically in order to appeal to New York City's large immigrant population.

This magazine became popular enough to spread its distribution to other major towns and cities in the United States. The stories would typically provide an hour of quality escapism from everyday life and were often traded among readers for other stories.

Regardless of the story theme, this magazine proved to leave its mark among histories popular Early American "Story Paper" Titles.

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