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Planet Stories - Iconic Damsel in Distress and tuff girl art covers - classic comics!

Planet Stories - Iconic Damsel in Distress and tuff girl art covers - classic comics!

Planet Comics was the foremost purveyor of good girl / tuff girl art in comic books This Sci-Fi comic is considered a highly collectible Golden Age comic. Planet Stories specialized in colorful and lurid stories of interstellar action, ingenious and attractive heroes and heroines, breezy dialogue Planet Comics was a science fiction comic book spinoff of a pulp magazine, in this case Planet Stories. Like the magazine before it, Planet Comics featured space opera tales of muscular, heroic space adventurers who were quick with their "ray pistols" and always running into gorgeous females who needed rescuing from bug-eyed aliens or fiendish interstellar bad guys. check out some of the awesome covers below!

If your interested in this Comic book collection we have 73 issues here

Planet stories comic March number 63 cover girl taken by aliens

Planet comics May issue #24 - flying alien women fighting men and monsters

planet comics #55 - July cover - aliens throwing spears at women with ray gun

planet comics #23 march - horned serpent grabs women in dress Reef Ryan the hero tries to save her

The Giant of Thessaly - A not so typical Jason and the Argonauts Peplum Sword and Sandal Film!

The Giant of Thessaly - A not so typical Jason and the Argonauts Peplum Sword and Sandal Film!

Recently we worked on the sound of the english speaking version of the 1960 Sword and Sandal film called The Giant of Thessaly (Original title: I giganti della Tessaglia).  I have to admit I'm a Sword and Sandal film fan.  For those not familiar with the genre, Sword and Sandal were primarily Italian films that tried to produce Hollywood style epic films at a "bit" of a lower budget.  These films also known as Peplum, ruled the cinema movie theaters in the late 1950's until around the mid 1960's when commercial audiences grew tired and then went on to European spy films and Spaghetti westerns.  These films played world wide and were a huge hit especially during the cheap ticket times of the drive in double feature or the small time movie theater.

The Giant of Thessaly 1960 click here to download picture

Sword and Sandal films had a funny nuance to them. They often had hot women and for the first time showcased the rise of the "Muscle Man" culture that would go on to influence the likes of Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwarzenegger. These films had notoriously cheesy monsters, Often English dubbed over Italian, (not always) low grade special effects and mediocre acting.  However many of the Peplum film seemed to pull it off and create a fun, action packed sometimes dorky film that kept viewers coming back.

The Giant of Thessaly starring Roland Carey did not disappoint.  While Roland Carey was not your typical Muscle Man, (lacking the huge bulk and had a more stream lined physic) he was however a decent actor.  Roland was a Swiss French dual nationality who was born in 1933 (died 2019) to  and Irish father and French mother. Roland Attended the Paris Conservatory and was part of the French stage acting in the Play Hamlet as Fortinbras.  He brought a certain smooth flow that helped the film work. As for the women of the film, they lacked none. The Giant of Thessaly starred  Palestine actress Ziva Rodann as Creusa, American Born actress Nadia Sanders as Queen Gaia, and French Actress Cathia Caro.

Roland Carey in the giant of Thessaly - showing Carey as Jason of the Argonauts

The Giant of Thessaly tells a tale of Jason and the Argonauts as Jason sets out on a journey to find the Golden Fleece ( The fleece of the Golden Wolf from Greek mythology). On his journey Jason finds the cursed city of Thessaly. This city has angered the gods and they recruit Jason and his men to appease the gods by retrieving the magical calf housed from distant land of Colchis and bring it to the city of Iolco.  on the way Jason and his men confront evil witches, an island of women called Lemmos. Ohh... and lets not forget a giant cyclops! This is were I really found the film amusing. Though there are some good special effects in this film the cyclops is a harry man with mediocre looking mask...the best part is every time Jason or the Argonauts jump on him they show little kids dressed to look like the actors battling the giant.  They did this so the giant would appear huge but it also brought some laughter to myself and those who watched it with me.  

If your interested in watching and owning this film we have a cleaned up audio with decent video available for direct download here at our store. 

Superman The early years of animation - a game changer for cinema

Superman The early years of animation - a game changer for cinema

The Superman animated cartoons from the 1940s would change cartoons and movies forever. Before this point animation was done on a frame by frame basis and often had that choppy feel. Max Fleischer was hired by Paramount to create the first superman cartoons, bringing this then up and coming comic hero to the big screens. Max Fleischer would present superman in this 17 cartoon series in a way animation had not been done before. 

Superman the animation cartoons 1940's - Max Fleischer-Rotoscoping process

Max decided to take a new approach to animation with this series. In doing so he developed film techniques that would eventually influence cinema films like Godzilla and star wars through a Rotoscoping process that allows animation and effects to be put over the film. This new technology allowed for steller combinations of movement as well as superb backgrounds and cinematography not seen in cartoons before.

His new "Rotoscoping" technique would add a way to have a way of creating essentially depth and realism to animation. This created smooth, fluid and beautiful overlays that are still used today. This approach was eventually what led to films like Godzilla and King Kong to have subjects appear in landscapes giving it a realism never seen before.

see how Godzilla is placed in a familiar and well-known landscape in a way that was realistic

Godzilla rotoscoping

Godzilla - 1954

Also noted -These Superman Cartoons were the first to give Superman his flying powers as before he could only leap. This led to Superman and Superheroes, in general, having a new superhuman! power. The power of flight.

We are proud to offer the 17 part Superman Series in Beautiful Quality

*all films @ Classic pulp are optimized for mobile viewing on phone, pc, and tablet.
(They can be watched on TVs as well)

Watch some Superman animation cartoons by Max Fleischer here

*Superman is a TM of DC comics

Classic Pulp Blog | about Brave and Bold - Nickel Magazine

Classic Pulp Blog | about Brave and Bold - Nickel Magazine

Brave and Bold magazine - The true self-discovery adventure magazine of the early "1900s"

Read more →

Something Learned - Catman and Kitten

Something Learned - Catman and Kitten

I archive a lot of cool stuff! and sure I have heard about Catman but didn't really know about the comic series until Friday when I got some into a document for a historical preservation project.  I got to admit I was a bit nervous working with items that sell for over a Thousand dollars apiece.  After all, I did not go to college as a librarian and never was a bibliophile.  After all, I was in the military then worked as a tradesman for years. Now I am scanning items worth a lot and some 150 years old or more.

  Well, enough about my feelings here is Catman from the 1940s.. its cool but it definitely had a WW 2 war feeling to it.  anti-nazis, Italians and Japanese propaganda to it.  Enjoy you all that Freedom.....Thanks to Cat-man and Kitten!




comics catman collection


Cat-man and Kitten  golden age superheros

Cat-man issue comic July 1943 fighting axis forces

The new Cat-Man comics collection

The new Cat-Man comics collection

This week was spent on mainly audio archives in the studio. We fine-tuned all the audio software for editing old radio shows to enhance sound quality and reduce noise.

cat man comics collection at

The Catman comic project came to completion as we now offer 34 archived comics on our site for digital download, DVD or USB click here for link. This is what we learned about this lost WW2 superhero

Cat-Man Comics is a highly sought after golden age comic. Cat-man had cat-like powers: he can see in the dark, leap many times his length, and climb anything. He also had nine lives. He was watched over by a guardian angel in the form of a tigress who brings Cat-Man back to life if when he is murdered (he had seven lives left as of Cat-Man Comics #3). Some of his supernatural powers were de-emphasized over time. He originally carried a silent-firing pistol called the Power Gun.

Catman origin -The Merrywether family was traveling through the jungles of Burma when bandits killed the mother, father, and sister. Young David was the only survivor. He was found and raised by a Tigress and gradually gained all the powers of the cat family. When he became an adult, he decided to return to the United States. Upon arriving there, he was appalled to discover that the city was full of crime and evil he found. He decided to fight it, both as a private eye in his civilian identity and as the costumed Cat-Man.

Later, David encountered Katie Conn, an 11-year-old orphan. Her unscrupulous uncle was using her to help him steal. After putting her uncle behind bars, David took Katie in as his ward. He was initially reluctant to let her fight crime with him, but after she put on a costume and fights as the kitten and helped him defeat the latest villain, David changed his mind.

When World War II broke out, David joined the military. He was never deployed. A year before the war ended, he was discharged under unspecified circumstances and he and Katie moved to Center City, home of the Deacon. While their sidekicks were already good friends, the two crime-fighters barely interacted and only teamed up on two occasions.

Cat man comics collection digital download for sale
Captain America and Bucky -The case of the mystery of the human bats! All Select comics 1943

Captain America and Bucky -The case of the mystery of the human bats! All Select comics 1943

Captain America and Bucky -The case of the mystery of the human bats! All Select comics 1943

Out of the murk of evil and terror come the hideous bat people and their leader...THE VULTURE! Their goal is to bring Ruing and mystery to the United States in 1943. However, between them and their Demon Victory stand Captain America and Bucky.  

This is a repost of a cool blog done at Free old It's a short Captain America post. 

Check it out here!

more description is listed below the image on this rare ww2 comic

Note- I know people will wonder why this comic is in Black and white? the answer is many old comics especially in foreign countries were done in black and white and still are to this day. The United States seemed to break this tradition as did some UK publishers.

Story- The case of the mystery of the human bats! All Select comics  1943

Steve Rogers and James Barnes (Captain America and Bucky) receive a note delivered by the Axis agent known as the Vulture. It warns that he will kidnap Mayor Allen and warns that if Captain America should try to stop him, the star-spangled hero would be killed.
Captain America and Bucky investigate further and are hurled into a mysterious series of events that include multiple kidnappings, explosions crime and well Captain America collecti
ng a pair of bat wings. If that sound strange read on to understand!
*This is a repost of a blog, is not the original creator and its content may not necessarily represent that of this website.
Optimized Mobile Video Format  - Why we archive movies the way we do!

Optimized Mobile Video Format - Why we archive movies the way we do!

Ever notice that everyone's device is the same?
Yeah neither have we!
mobile optimized video format - classic pulp movies - blog post
Optimized Mobile Video Format - verticle viewing - older style iPhone
 That's were Optimized Mobile Video Format comes in. Every screen is different. 
(you can read a summary here then if you want to understand the in-depth why then read more after this paragraph!)


Our ever-growing film selection comes from a wide variety of sources and time periods. Each source and time period had its own method for producing entertainment and how it was formatted. So we believe the future is in Optimized Mobile Video!  Mobile Optimized Video will allow the videos to play smooth and have embedded responsive coding that allows the movie to adapt to your device's needs. It is designed to fit the many screen sizes seen across various platforms and devices. Its also optimized for file size to enable faster downloading, smaller storage space, better casting to devices and much larger compatibility for today as well as tomorrow's tech. 

Please explain!

Let's say I want to own and watch a classic movie for my collection. I can get it in a fixed ratio say 4:3 or 16:9 or 1:1 or ... but wait ... it is more complex still. Will you watch it on a PC, TV, chrome cast, on an iPad or Android, on a tablet or smartphone? Or maybe you will watch it on a VR headset or in 360 video. So with all these options, we have formatted the video in a range to be best suited for the majority of your viewing needs.

see aspect ratio chart below

aspect ratio chart

File size and Storage Space - MB and GB ..Ohh my! 

We store our movies many places - on your PC, Laptop, Phone, Tablet, and USB drives. In the future most will be stored in the cloud with places like Dropbox or Google Drive. You can retrieve data from a desktop to your mobile device as well.

What this all means is file size is king!  Most people need a smaller file size for storage needs. You can only fit so much on a device and cloud storage costs. So we optimize our movies in the best file size with optimal video quality in a  "totally not crappy to watch ratio" ( I think that was a technical term )

These vintage rare and old videos look great on any Mobile device and yes you can watch them "casted" or uploaded to a tv. They can be burned to DVD as well. On larger screens, the picture is not HD Blue-Ray cinematic but still very pleasant and viewable. If your viewing screen is typically a 32-inch monitor or under then you don't need all the extra file size. This will also be viewable with larger screens up to 55 inches+ but will show some less crisp video than Blue-ray HD. 

If the huge remastered blue ray is your thing awesome! you probably need to not get your films here and look on Amazon or more for a $30.00+ film on Disc. PLUS a lot of old classic films are limited by the original source quality and will have some projector lines, minor audio noise and not as crisp picture resolution anyway. So even if the film is listed in HD, usually it is just set for a larger screen resolution yet still has the same issues mentioned just at a magnified pixel rate

However, if Decent enjoyable rare films, optimized for today's standards and needs at a fair price is your thing then read on my friend!


We do try to remaster or clean up video as much as possible without adding to the movie file size too much to be counterproductive. However as with movies 100 years old or in our case some from the 1890s there is a limit. But you are able to enjoy the quality and historic entertainment that has been seldom seen or digitized in an extremely efficient way. A way that is tailored to your viewing need at whatever time, location or device you choose. 


 American Empire - 1942

 American Empire - 1942 - mobile tablet horizontal view -Optimized Mobile Video Format - screenshot
SUPERMAN AUDIO TALES - A different way to remaster old works

SUPERMAN AUDIO TALES - A different way to remaster old works

We wanted to try something different, The goal of was and always will be to provide obscure old content in a new way. This is done by digitizing and improving old films. We scan lost pulp magazines to make them available for the public, and now its Superman.

How's this Superman audio tale any different? We gathered 9-minute segments that were in rough shape of these old 1940's Superman radio broadcasts. We put them together so they are long in length & a complete story minus all the ads, product pushing & organ music found in the originals.

Don't get me wrong.. an organ isn't the worst instrument, but when I listen to a story I want it to flow. I don't want to hear the blasts of pipes every 30 seconds followed by a cereal or candy ad. Superman the radio show was full of ads. About half of all its length was organ and ads.  So we caffeinated ourselves and edited these shows to just tell the story.  While we were at it we reduced old static and boosted the audio to make for a better listening experience.

These stories originally came in different broadcasts spread over weeks. Now, they are all together & enhanced for modern-day enjoyment. 

We want to provide one free for you to enjoy. So listen To A Mystery for Superman on us. This 1942 show is 52 minutes in length.  We will add more to this collection as time passes.  We also have AL VINCENT'S CORRUPT POLITICAL MACHINE available for sale on the Superman Audio Tale Page.  Thanks again and enjoy it!


run time 52 minutes



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